Food Security and Food Justice

A blog by University of Sheffield students studying on the MA for Food Security and Food Justice

About this site

Food Security and Food Justice is a blog by masters students at the University of Sheffield who are enrolled in GEO6302: Theories and Debates in Food Security and Food Justice.  The blog represents students’ thoughts as they seek to grapple with the problems posed by the food security/food justice nexus.  To read their reflections just click on the What We Think Tab.

Food security and food justice are areas of increasing importance at local, national, transnational and global scales. While various political and non-political agents at various scales have recognized that global hunger and food security (of which food justice is a primary component) is a key challenge requiring urgent interdisciplinary investigation and problem solving, there remains limited agreement as to how best to approach these issues and at what scales. This module provides students with a background to the problems encompassed within the food security/food justice nexus by drawing on current debates that focus on both the macro and micro impacts. By drawing on diverse country case studies, the module also critically evaluates different strategies for mitigating the impacts of food insecurity and injustice.

Finally, we love that you are here and that you are reading the student’s posts.  We would love your comments and thoughts on what has been written.  Please do not, however, just copy our posts onto your own site without an attribution that is really clear.  Our students have worked hard to produce these blogs.   We spend a lot of time with the students talking about plagiarism and the importance of correct referencing. It is really discouraging to them when they see their work being passed off by someone else as their own.


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