China’s economy faces downward pressure in some way , but the future of food may be a bigger problem. In the past decade, real estate to promote China’s economic growth has come to an end, the property market downturn, a large number of housing backlog, economic downward. Some domestic economists’ solution is, to promote China’s economy, “urbanization” and millions of farmers swarm into the city in order to promote rural at or near the urbanization level of developed countries. Through the way of letting farmers change status, consume a large amount of urban real estate.However, it could cause another problem on agriculture.

Population and food supply

First of all, because China’s population policy, the whole society is facing a rapid accelerated aging, rural aging is also very serious. The economist may not understand the situation of the rural, now young adults would have went to the city to work. If the young adults over the last ten years income is not enough to support their foothold into the city,  how to look to the rest of the rural elderly people into the city, fanciful.

In the past ten years, global grain consumption has been higher than production. According to predicts that by 2030 the demand for food will increase 30% to 40%, the advent of a new round of global food situation seems unhappy. China in order to feed billions of mouth, use fertilizer to promote  production, but cause serious land degradation.

Technology kidnap

The second one is the potential  danger of  technology. The book written by F. William Engdahl from the perspective of geopolitics, reveals a secret plot around food through strong speculative and incontestable historical materials.Under the description of the author, the little-known insider behind the ‘green revolution’, the ‘gene revolution’, ‘population control’ will be shown one by one. The Rockefellers in the book as representative of American social and political elite using systematically the scientific and technological progress, the guise of food aid and protection of intellectual property rights, maintain dominate the world and mankind’s hegemony for themselves.

I am not very agree with some conspiracy theory in the book, but I definitely believe that some interaction of economic interests and political game are used to achieve their purpose. This book reveals the government hand in glove with the business community, through the manipulation of aid policy, economy, diplomacy, and science and technology to achieve political and economic interests. Because food, like oil, is not only a commodity, is also a weapon of implementation strategy. From the green revolution to gene revolution, the business group and politicos step by step by controlling the grain to achieve the purpose of controlling of a country. Most of the third world developing countries are agricultural country, the importance of agriculture in a country is self-evident, including China.

How to prevent food crisis in the future

Reserve cultivated land better than reserve grain

Grain reserves are used to stable market, an important means of regulating food prices. In China, however, there is a strange phenomenon. The production is rising, China’s food safety degree not rise but fall, and it is falling, more and more low.  The more production,  the more imports. In addition, excessive production and excess reserves, spent a lot of public resources. This makes people  face new unsafe food security. In China food market is distorted. On the one hand, through a large number of financial investment subsidies and improve government purchase prices to stimulate production, make the annual increase in grain production, broke the fluctuation curve, becomes a straight line up. On the other hand, in the case of grain harvest year after year, in order to protect the interests of farmers, and to higher than the market price to buy food, food and beyond the market demand, so the food will be stored. The result is more and more national reserves.

In order to cope with the excess reserves, not only countries invest a large number of construction granary, but also put more cost of food subsidies to state-owned enterprises, more subsidies. At the same time, in order to maintain the inventory of food not expired, each year a large number of food rotation, have distorted the food market in the end.

Food belongs to fresh produce, store a few years, will be aging metamorphism; Reserve cultivated land, not only can save a lot of manpower material resources, and favorable soil improvement, improve land productivity.

Land  consolidation


Land  consolidation is an important solution to enhance sustainable integration agriculture. Through integration, flow, displacement and reserves, rational arrangement of land delivery quantity, rhythm and improve land use structure and layout, mining land use potential, so that each of the cases of construction land is maximize the input-output ratio, in line with the investment intensity, improve the efficiency of configuration and land use, improve the degree of intensive land use.

Intensified Agriculture

Through integration, improving land use structure and layout,mining land use potential, so that each of the cases of construction land is maximize the input-output ratio and improve the degree of intensive land use.

China is an agricultural country with a large population. For now the social productivity is not high enough, agricultural science and technology is not developed very well, for a long time, the agricultural intensive operation is mainly labor-intensive. With the development of national economy and the progress of science and technology, China agricultural capital, technology intensive management is in development.