Nowadays, there are two main ways of people eating: at home cooking and dining in a restaurant. With the development of civilization and progress, the significance of the human diet has evolved from a simple feed their families to elegant dining. Eating has become a social bond. However, fast-paced life makes more and more people choose to eat in a restaurant, especially the people who work very busy. They usually work under great pressure and do not have time to cook food by themselves. There is research showed that modern Family, even modern civilization, is facing four obvious threats: mobile phones, electronic games, the Internet and junk food. Food is a basic survival item for people, so it plays an important role in daily life. Nobody could live without any food. Excessive intake of junk food will lead to poor health. However, people like to eat out for convenience. In fact, eat at home have a lot of benefits.           

  1. Eat your favorite:

People do love to cook their favorite, then family members’ favorite. People even can eat nutritious meals at home. If cookers make nutritious meals for their families by heart, their families will eat healthy and feel happy. What’s more, people can deploy a variety of health food according to seasonal changes and their physical condition. Eating out does not necessarily have your favorite foods. People have to eat foods that maybe they really do not like to eat. Cooking dishes by own and then eating all of them, it would create a sense of accomplishment. When looking at food is not left, it is the highest award and support for cooking people.

  1. People can control the intake of oil and salt:

Although eating out is convenient, it can also consume more calories because the food component of the restaurant offers increasing. The main components of packaged fast food or take-away food are: calories, fat, salt, sugar and various chemicals used to prevent food spoilage products. Instead, cook their own food at home can let them complete control the diet and nutrition of family members. As people all know that oil quality in restaurant and at home are certainly different and restaurant put more oil in food. Too much intake of oil is bad for health, as well as salt. Doing the dishes too salty would easily cause high blood pressure. Research shows that eat more oil and more salt would prone to chronic diseases. Cookers can control a suitable amount of oil and salt when cook yourself at home


  1. Clean and sanitary:

People can guarantee the food that their own to eat used real materials, no fake and reliable if they eat at home. The cleanup degree of ingredients is high and the kitchen is more hygienic conditions. The food and the dishes are always fresh and people can prepare it in various ways as they like. The dining environment is also very assured. People eat at home should not worry about their pilfering bag was taken away by other people.

  1. Save money:

There is a US survey in 2007 shows that an American family dinner at home spends an average of $ 3,465 each year and $ 2,668 spends eating out. However, only 30 percent of times are eating out, counted down, eating out every meal for an average of $ 8 while eat at home only cost $ 4.5. The cost of eating out is twice as much to eat at home. Since the restaurant contains dining environment, service, taxes, profits and other expenses, cooking at home is more affordable than eating out. Eating at home is a good deal, it does not waste money. People can buy ingredients at cheap prices in the market. The cost is less than a dish restaurant several times.

  1. Promote family feelings:

In resent yeas, many young parents excuse busy with work, do not want to cook at home, do not learn cooking. Their choices are either takeaway or to restaurants. However, fun cooking at home is irreplaceable. The eating atmosphere at home is better and people can have more chance to communicate with their family members. Since cookers hard work for the family meal, the family members will be grateful to you from the heart while enjoying the meals. It is a wonderful experience if family members can participate together with the cooker during the cooking process. A person washes vegetables, a person chopping and a person cooking; at last clean up the mess after eating together. This is a fairly wonderful picture: a harmonious family.


  1. Get rid of bad habits:

A survey in 2000 found that the 9 to 14-year-old children who eat at home eat fruits and vegetables most frequently, and eat less fried food. Simultaneously, their diets contain more key nutrients, such as calcium, iron and fiber. Eating at home is a good opportunity to improve the eating habits of children, allowing them to develop eating a variety of foods in a balanced diet. Long-term eating out is likely to develop obesity, laziness, selfishness and other bad habits. According to the US report, the juvenile who eat at home less than three times a week will take these risks: taking the risk of prescribing psychotropic drugs increased 3.5 times, taking the risk of cannabis increased three times, smoking increased the risk of 2.5 times and 1.5-fold increased risk of drinking. Eating at home more than five times a week can significantly reduce teenage smoking, drinking and the risk of drug abuse.

In addition, cooking at home is really a good way to enjoy life for people. Getting up early in the morning and going to the market for some fresh ingredients. Then, washing the vegetables and meat and cutting them with patient. After that, beginnings to cook after prepare all of the materials. After finish cooking, you can share the delicious dishes with family members or friends and do the cleaning together finally. All of the things are enjoyable and meaningful during the process. Let’s begin to cook at home and enjoy our lives.