Now people’s living standards are improved, more and more people began to pursue high quality of life. The world’s annual waste of food amounted to 1.3 billion tons, equivalent to economic losses of about 750 billion US dollars. Among them, the Asian region of cereals, vegetables and fruit waste is outstanding. About 4 million tons a day waste. According to statistics, the Chinese people at the table a year of waste of food up to 200 billion yuan which was drained of food and it is equivalent to more than 200 million people a year of rations. In sharp contrast, there are more than 100 million rural poverty alleviation targets, tens of millions of urban poor and other large numbers of people in need. This “tongue on the waste” shocking.

Most people think that eating in the restaurant to eat the food packed home is a kind of present to promote the conservation behavior, they said they would eat the leftovers packed home. While some people think that packing leftovers may, as the case may be, are friends and relatives after dinner package we accustomed. But the cold dishes will degenerate and unfamiliar people to dine together, others are not familiar with the health status, and Not using public chopsticks, such a situation will not choose to pack. Some people will be due to “food not left”, “too much trouble”, “due to face”, rarely leftovers packaged away.

In Australia, if a small banquet, for example, 10 people, then usually the implementation of a system of meal, according to the guests to choose their favorite food menu, and according to their own food to decide whether the staple food after the large Dessert and coffee, because it is sub-system of eating and each person eat their own in front of that one, so very little was wasted. If it is more than 10 people, then the event, the participants are no seats, and others need to stand to communicate, and in the food chain, often will take self-help, this buffet is different from China’s buffet. Because the buffet will be all the food stacked on the outside and this event participants can see the food is not much and these foods are placed in the restaurant waiter walking among the tray, because every time the food not a lot. But after eating and then prepare a new side up, so you can greatly reduce waste, so that the banquet can be great way to do how much to prepare how much.

The United States is a big food waste, according to the United States Natural Resources Defense Association in August 2012 a statistic, each month 311 million people will waste 20 pounds of food per person, a family of four annual waste food will reach 2275 US dollars , 25% of US households food and beverages will be lost, restaurants and school cafeteria, almost half of the food is thrown away, consumers tend to buy large quantities of discounts in excess of the way the purchase of food, can not eat on the Whole Lost, the statistics show that the waste of waste not only in the consumer side, from farm packing to retail sales will result in a large number of waste supermarkets will be damaged fresh fruits and vegetables as a normal operating costs, is to ensure the Quality of performance, The main reason for the waste is the cheapness of food, which leads people to waste food for the sake of convenience and discretion. This waste of food wastes a great deal of natural resources, pollutes the processing, and loses. Lot of wealth, there is no attempt to solve this waste phenomenon.

Food waste in Canada is linked to people’s approach to food and attitudes, as well as the richness and richness of Canada’s products. Food waste affects not only the economy but also the environment. Waste of food waste of resources, while food waste is landfill, incineration, will produce large amounts of methane and carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Reducing food waste in the long run is a formidable challenge that requires governments and businesses to make substantial adjustments to their policies and strategies, as well as coordination among governments at all levels and within the industry.
Consumers are advised to change their spending habits and reduce food waste. According to expert advice, consumers can start from a variety of aspects, such as: Do not store too many perishable food, buy food, check the shelf life, avoid buying large packaged food, according to a week meal plan to buy food, leftovers Refrigerator and eat in time, do not put the refrigerator is too full, too mature fruits and vegetables made of beverage or as baked food ingredients and so on.

Multinational restaurants around the world are set for food waste regulations. Germany is considered to be the most severely punished restaurant waste countries. In Germany, regardless of buffet or order, can not be wasted, if found to be wasted, any witnesses can report to the relevant agencies ad staff will immediately arrive, according to the provisions of a fine. Earlier, it was reported that Chinese tourists in Germany, a waste of food, fined 30 to 50 marks ranging from fine.

In summary, different countries have different attitudes towards food waste. However,Grain as the basic material for human survival, everyone should cherish, no one has the right to waste. Some people may think that money is their own, money can be a waste of food. However, this is the wrong idea, the money is personal, the resources are social, no matter what reason to waste food, should not be. Because there are still many poor areas and countries, simply do not eat, if the food saved to the poor areas, so that more people can eat, it is more meaningful.