Hong Kong always is considered as a “gourmet paradise” where world cuisine is located, and visitors can enjoy the finest delicacies from all over the world in Hong Kong because it had been colonized and there are also so many immigrants from different countries.  Hong Kong is marked as the unique area by so many delicious, including seafood, dessert herbal tea, Cantonese cuisine roast, tea restaurant and snacks, all of these are the classics for people arrived in Hong Kong.  Especially, Hong Kong local street food is throughout the living areas, and it has very close relationship with the lives of local residents.   So, the street food is not only a food, but also one kind of local culture.  However, the food safety of street food is also concerned by public, therefore understanding this issue is very necessary.

This tour is designed for anyone interested in local food.  And it explores four kinds of street foods including food trucks, Dai Paidongs, window service, cooked food centers, and there are 6 sites about these street foods in Hong Kong (HK).  It is required to combine walking and transit on the MTR, as well as, HK’s underground system.  Besides, using an Octopus card will help you move efficiently.

The Tour

The tour takes place throughout the New Territories (NT) and Hong Kong Island because there are a variety of steed food in various parts of the city.  The site order is in order.

Site 1: cooked food centers Tai po market

In general, there are some Cooked food centers at the top of the market in old areas, and there are already few such street foods in modern neighborhoods. Some people would like to come here because of convenience, some because of its delicious, and some because of cheap, and there are also some people just want to accidentally experience these traditional local foods and experience the different feeling from metropolis.  However, most of the people here to eat is the workers since they can get fast the simple and cheap food here.

First stop.  The best way to Tai po market is taking the MTR.  Firstly, take the MTR to TST, and then walk to the East Tsim Sha Tsui Station (underground).  And you can see that there is the west rail line to Tai Po market.  When you arrive here, you can see an indoor market and there is a signpost like picture showed Cooked Food Centre whose top floor have a number of cooked food stalls you would like to taste.  Besides, it opens from 6:00 am to 2:00 am.

Map: to Tai Po market

Figure: Cooked Food Centre in Tai Po market

Site 2: Da Paidongs (Fo Tan)

At night, especially in the summer night, Da Paidong becomes a major feature of Hong Kong.  As the picture showed that there are the rich variety local food and the price is not expensive.  In Da Paidong, several scaffolding stalls combine together.  Some seats are in the open places, the other are located under the tents.  In summer, people in HK always invite their friends to eat barbecue and to drink beer together.  While, it can be seen from the photos that the environment is generally not very clean with the old tables and chairs.

2 stop.  This is the big Da Paidong from Fo Tan, which is relatively well-known in Hong Kong.  It is noteworthy that the time to visit should not be too early, because this Da Paidong opens generally after 6 pm.  The picture was taken in afternoon.  After Tai Po market, walk return back to Tai Po market station and take MTR.  After 2 stops (11munites), you can arrive at Fo Tan Station.  Take exit Fo Tan Station Exit D and walk on the Au Pui Wan St several minutes.  When you meet a cross road, turn left and to find a river.  The big Da Paidong is across the river.

Figure: Fo Tan Da Paidong


Map: Tai Po market station to Fo Tan Station

Site 3: window service

Window service is also a popular local food form in Hong Kong.  Opening time is generally from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm, this form of food shop is often along the road and open.  More this kind of shops are concentrated in some places with low consumption level, such as Tsim Sha Tsui, Yau Ma Lei.  The local people like to go shopping at the same time they can eat street snacks.


Figure: “肥姐”window service

3 Stop Then return back from Fo Tan station to Mong Kok East Station.  Ride the east rail line with 4 stops (13 minutes).  When arrive here, take exit Mong Kok East Station Exit C and walk 950 m.  From the Luen Wan St to Argyle St, turn right.  Go straight until you find the third left, and turn left.  Now, you should on the Fa yuen St.  Go straight until see the Dundas St.  The “肥姐”window service is in the Conner.  This shop is very famous in HK and it has nearly 30 years old.  A local people told me, he would like to try this even he is far away from here because its time and taste.



Map: from Fo Tan station to Mong Kok East Station

Site 4: food trucks (temple street)

As a new gourmet project, the food trucks have become a big spot for local food in Hong Kong.  These trucks are highly mobile, and until now, there has been 16 trucks in Hong Kong, which provide more convenient food for the public and tourists.  With shopping, you can taste the low price food.  It is worth mentioning that the food trucks are contested by the government. To a certain extent, it can reflect the diversity of local food.


4 stop This truck is one of the food trucks, located at Temple Street.  The category includes Chinese, Western and international menus.  After “肥姐” food shop, there are 15 minutes walking to temple street.   Do down the Dundas St. Turn left when you meet the first cross and go straight (10 minutes).  Turn right when you see the kansu St.  And you can see a car parking building on the right way.  Then you can find the temple street is across this parking building.

图片 1

Map: from “肥姐”window service to Temple Street.

 Site 5: Da Paidongs (Hau Fook Street, Tsim Sha Tsui)

There is a good selection of Da Paidong, Mui Kee, with a wider range of food than it can be found in someone else.  Both Shanghainese and Beijingnese food can be found here, as well as the usual Cantonese fare.  Daily 7am – 7pm.

This area is a non-descript street in Tsim Sha Tsui because of its slew of cheap, it is a fantastic place with variety Asian restaurants, including Thai, Cantonese, Japanese and Taiwanese.

Figure: Mui Kee Da Paidong

5 stop Find the Saigon St and go along this St, then find the Nathan Rd and go straight.  Walk to the Jordan Station and take the Tsuen Wan Line to Tsim Sha Tsui Station.  Take exit D2 and walk about 4 minutes to find the Hau Food St.   Mui Kee is on 45 Kimberley Rd.

Map:to Tsim Sha Tsui Station

Site 6: cooked food centers (Java Road Market)

6 stop.  To get this market, you should from the New Territories (NT) to Hong Kong Island.  MTR is the best way to get here.  Take Tsuen Wan Line central to Admiralty Station, and it should change one way when you arrive Admiralty Station.  Take the Island Line with 5 stops (10 minutes) to get North Point Station.  Then take exit A2.  And walk on the Shu Kuk St and turn left once you see Java road (4 munities).     

Figure: Java Road Market


Map: from Tsim Sha Tsui Station to Java Road Ma

Do you like to eat street food? Do you think the street food is sanitation?